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Best Color To Sell Your Home – Including the Front Door

Have you ever wondered if different paint colors add a better sell value on your home? If you’ve ever searched around homes in Boise, you’ve probably come across a few who had an odd choice of paint tone for their home. In fact, it probably deterred you a little bit in making an offer on the house. But then comes the argument that people have different tastes in home design and home color – and since you’re selling your home, this worries you. However, there are some tips and advice to follow. You want to please the majority of home buyers.
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The Front Door – The Gateway to Your Home

Painting the front door of a home does add selling appeal and invites people into the house. The first suggestion in painting a front door, would be to be considerate. How are are the homes on your street or in your neighborhood painted? Don’t paint the door in a color that will make your home look odd or appear out of place in that particular neighborhood. It is best to choose a door color which coordinates with the colors of the home’s exterior. The coloring can be lighter or darker than the exterior home color, but a coloring that might enhance the homes style, shutters or window styles.

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Why the Front Door Matters

The traditional or mainstream color choices for homes and doorways have drastically changed and have changed for the better. A beautiful door coloring could be the invitation needed for homeowners to sell their property because people can’t wait to see what the interior will look like. The front door in selling a home, is the first thing a person sees, yet it is not on a homeowner’s to do list when sprucing up the home for sale.

Architectural color consultants for home sales, like to take a Feng Shui twist in deciding the colors to use on a homes trim, its overall color and with a special accent on the front door. The experience of home consultants has proven that bold or bright colors and certain color blends do attract a person who may just be riding by your home.

The Feng Shui energy denotes that the front door is nourishment to all who enter by its passageway. The main door or the front door is considered the “Chi mouth,” and thus it attracts great energy for all who live inside. Thus the right door color is a vital part of attracting the right buyers for a home.

Best Paint Color To Sell House With
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Colors & More Colors

Contrast coloring is often the appealing rule for selling a home. Light colors on a door, like taupe, cream tan or white, look better if the house is painted a dark color, perhaps of the same color family. A great example which works both in the fashion industry and in selling a home, is contrasting a door painted navy blue and burgundy, with a house that is painted gray or light blue.

Doors are always in constant use, yet this is a part of a house that can easily become neglected. As long as the key fits or a keypad continues to work, we don’t think about how a door looks. But when freshly painted in the right color aura, it immediately gives a home a remarkable face-lift.

Top painting manufacturers have created advanced coloring schemes that are bold, yet inviting for any door. Sellers can purchase strong colors that look environmentally friendly, such as greens, browns, red, orange, yellow, pink, or purple. Painting a door white is less appealing and gives the appearance of being just another home for sale. The only exception to this rule, would be a house that is made from red brick, a white door in this instance helps to make the house and the brick material pop with interesting appeal.

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