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Relocating to Boise

If you ask Urban Dictionary to define Boise, Idaho, you’ll find this:

“b-town is a land of plenty. it’s got north-western heart and activity galore. the mountains are your Idaho playground. most cars have ski, kayak or bike racks because people are all about being a part of their environment. Boise is comfortable, yet always advancing into the big city it might one day be. Boise people are welcome to each new cultural event or downtown festival that brings us a little closer to metropolitan-life. in driving outside the central area, one finds a peaceful country existence juxtaposed with newly developed subdivisions. it retains farming community charm while presenting the good and bad that comes with growth. Boise is perfect-move here. you will be happy.”

Excuse the grammar, but you get the point. I honestly couldn’t define this place any better. And if you’re already hooked, here are 5 things to remember before you move to Boise:

1) Potatoes. Yes, Idaho produces more potatoes than any other state, but that doesn’t mean that’s all we have to offer here! Did you know that Idaho actually grows more corn than potatoes? Food for thought. (No pun intended)

2) It’s Boy-See, not Boy-Zee.

3) Central location. Not to any major cities, but a 2 hour drive in any direction could land you in the mountains, desert, lava fields, rivers, etc. This comes in handy for recreational activities!

4) Low crime rate. In 2010, the crime rate in Boise was 35.2% lower than the national average.

5) This is the place where Boise River Realty is located and the place you’ll find a rock star agent to help you find you your dream home!

So there you have it folks. I may have been born in California, but I’ve lived in this great state for most of my life and consider myself a local at this point. There is nowhere else I would have wanted to grow up and I’m thankful everyday that my parents chose Idaho to be the place we call home. As much as Idahoans love having this place all to themselves, it would be a shame for you to miss out on it.


Written by: Savannah Richards, Boise River Realty


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