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    Tiny Homes, Huge Advantages

    We’ve seen a lot of trends come and go in the last few years, but it looks like there is finally one that will stick around for a while. In between all of the plaid, beards and man buns, there is a tiny fad that is making a big difference in the way people live. Tiny houses have been popping up more frequently than ever and I think it’s time to know what the craze is about.

    The average house is 2,600 sq. ft., whereas, a tiny house can be anywhere from 100-400 sq. ft. Although living in an extremely small space isn’t for everyone, the dramatic downsize comes with a lot of benefits

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    Tiny houses are also significantly more affordable than a traditional, standard-size American home. The average tiny house costs only $23,000 if built by the owner. Whereas, the cost of a standard-size home is $272,000 and if you add 4.25% interest on a 30-year loan, it would be $481,704!

    These homes are the perfect size for 1-2 people who want to live in the simplest way possible. Whether you are just starting out, are looking to downsize, or are just looking for a more affordable way to live, I think that tiny homes are a great option.

    Many believe going tiny is the best way to simplify your life and provide more finances for other things in life.

    By: Savannah Richards, Boise River Realty

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